Interdisciplinary Research on Ecosystem Services:
Fire and Climate Change in UK Moorlands and Heaths


Seminar One
The role of managed fire in ecosystem services of UK moorlands and heathlands
Edinburgh, 31 March – 1 April 2008
Seminar Two
The impact of wildfire on ecosystem services: relationships between wildfire, climate change and people
Manchester 24 June 2008
Seminar Three
Forecasting and modelling wildfire risk for UK moorlands and heaths
Manchester, 31 March - 1 April 2009
Seminar Four
Economic impacts of wildfires, wildfire policy and the use of adaptive land management to reduce wildfire risk and impact
Peak District National Park, 13 - 14 May 2009


Keynote presentations and poster sessions will be followed by interdisciplinary round table discussions, breakout groups and plenary sessions.

Target audience

The seminar series is aimed at academics, practitioners and stakeholders, including moorland managers, conservation and the Fire and Rescue Services. The events will be transdisciplinary, with an invited audience of around 30 people from across the natural, social and economic sciences.


There will be three categories of participation for most of the events:

  1. The main part of each event will be for an invited audience, funded by the ERSC-NERC award.
  2. Some of these funded places will be reserved for early-career researchers participants presenting posters relevant to the seminar theme. Stakeholders, postgraduate students and research assistants at an early stage of their career are welcome to apply.
  3. Most seminars will also include at least one session that will be open to other participants, for whom a small charge may need to be made to cover costs. Please see each seminar page for specific further information.

Attendance at future events

As many as possible of the funded participants at the Edinbugh and Manchester seminars will be invited to other seminars in the series. The constituency will inevitably vary slightly with the topic and the need to respond as the interdisciplinary community grows.